# Press Information

Story Synth (opens new window), is a free web platform for designing, playing, and sharing tabletop storytelling games online. See below for press information about Story Synth and links to visual assets.

# About Story Synth

Key points:

  • The platform makes it incredibly easy for TTRPG designers to go from idea to playable game, without any coding involved
  • Design involves editing content in Google Sheets and then sharing the sheet link; Story Synth then instantly, automatically generates the game
  • Story Synth has real-time multiplayer, like Jackbox games, so players see the same content at the same time; it works equally well on desktop and mobile browsers
  • Story Synth supports an array of formats and custom features and has been used to create dozens of games
  • Story Synth Summer Jam (opens new window) is happening through the end of August

# The easiest way to design tabletop storytelling games

Story Synth is a free platform for designing, playing, and sharing storytelling tabletop games online. Designing is super easy – just add prompts to a Google Spreadsheet, drop the sheet link in the web site, and then Story Synth automatically generates the game with a custom homepage. Watch the above video tour (opens new window) to see it in action.

# Browser-based multiplayer storytelling

From the game's homepage, you can create new sessions with unique URLs and every player on that page will see the same storytelling prompts at the same time. Story Synth works well on both desktop and mobile browsers. It's great for simple, prompt driven games like For the Queen or The Quiet Year.

# Flexible customization for different types of games

Story Synth supports a variety of formats that involve different ways of organizing, shuffling, or building the storytelling prompts. There are also a variety of custom options and extensions that let designers restyle the visual design, add a dice roller, include simple state tracking, and much more.

# Dozens of games created so far

Designers have already created dozens of games through Story Synth. You can check out some of the top games in the Story Synth Gallery (opens new window).

Story Synth Games Collage

Example Game: Around the Realm (opens new window), by Randy Lubin, is a fantasy take on "Around the World In 80 Days" – players tell the whimsical story of two companions who are racing around a magical archipelago in an attempt to win a wager. The lands are full of magic, danger, and adventure – will they make it back in time?

# Used in University game design courses

Story Synth has also been used in games design courses as an easy tool for beginner designers. New York University (NYU), Fordham University, and University of the Sunshine Coast (USC).

# Story Synth Summer Jam

Story Synth Summer Jam logo

The Story Synth Summer Jam (opens new window) is running from June through August 2021 and designers can submit games on any topic. There's plenty of help available to anyone who needs it and jam participants can request new features and formats.

# Visual Assets

Check out this Google Drive Folder (opens new window) for logos and screen shots. Email Randy if you need more or different assets.

# Contact Information

Story Synth is designed and maintained by Randy Lubin. For press inquiries, help designing games on the platform, or requests for new features and formats: please reach out to randy@storysynth.org.

# About Randy Lubin

Randy Lubin designs beginner friendly storytelling games via his studio Diegetic Games (opens new window). He also creates foresight games that help organizations explore the future and explain complex issues via his consulting firm Leveraged Play (opens new window). You can follow him on Twitter @randylubin (opens new window).